Global Charity Partners, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization created to assist Breast Cancer patients in active treatment. Through fundraising efforts, GCP aims to assist in bridging the financial gap while patients are dealing with their illness.



Global Charity Partners is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit organization. Global Charity Partners was created to assist Breast Cancer patients to bridge the financial gap while dealing with the illness through contributions and fundraising efforts. 


Now is a good time to help breast cancer patients in active treatment*.  There are many organizations that assist with the research of Breast Cancer, but there are very few that will assist patients in financial need.  Financial need is not reserved for certain economic classes. The truth is that an unexpected diagnosis can mean the difference between paying the mortgage and having enough money for medication co-pays.  Patients' sole responsibility during this process should be to focus on healing and getting used to their new normal.

An unexpected diagnosis can cause families to file bankruptcy, cause job loss, and have a severe impact on savings which can sometimes lead to homelessness. 


Global Charity Partners will financially assist qualified patients in active treatment with a one-time payment of up to $500 to assist with household bills**.  Global Charity Partners does have a screening process to vet patients to qualify for funding according to its guidelines. Patients can receive funding within 30 days of approval. Global Charity Partners' mission is to help patients in need, however, if it is discovered that a patient has falsified information, their application for funding will be withdrawn and denied. 


In addition to one-time financial grants, GCP's goal is to share information, educate, and support patients and caregivers caring for a Breast Cancer patient.

*Active treatment is defined as a patient under the care of a Breast Cancer oncologist with a current care plan, and the patient will be receiving chemotherapy, radiation, or a related surgical procedure (1); as defined by Global Charity Partners.


**Household bills are defined as gas, electric, cable, and or mortgage/rent.


(1) A surgical procedure is defined as a lumpectomy, a single or bilateral mastectomy,  auxiliary dissection, or sentinel node biopsy. 





Nacole Ali was diagnosed in 2015 with stage II Breast Cancer. Because of lack of financial resources available to women with Breast Cancer that may be experiencing financial hardship; Nacole Ali founded Global Charity Partners a non-profit organization to assist women to assist in bridging the gap while in treatment. Nacole not only created GCP, but also started a blog with tips and tricks that may help others. 

There is nothing like getting diagnosed and not having people who have been through the process to help get someone else with recovery.