Self Exam

The world has come to a stand still and our everyday lives have been interrupted by a global pandemic. The rapid spread of Covid 19 has forced drastic measures on how people go about their day. School buildings are closed and online learning is becoming the new normal. Office buildings only have essential workers and companies have enforced a remote work environment.

Our annual appointments have been placed on hold to allow patients with immediate need be a priority. Have you opted out and cancelled your annual routine check ups? While it is important to let patients with serious conditions to be cared for with urgency; you still have to ensure you are on top of your health.

Missed your mammogram? Don’t let that stop you from self exams. Learn how to examine yourself at home. There is plenty of information on various websites including Global Charity Partners. Covid doesn’t get to take over our whole life.

If during a self exam you feel anything out of the ordinary, call your doctor and schedule a mammogram. D