It is so important that after your surgeries and or radiation, to maintain a healthy diet, continue with follow-up appointments, and get use to your new normal. Doctor appointments are extremely important as other things may come up post surgery or radiation. I know you are trying to get back into the swing of things i.e. work, home life, social life, etc. however, don't put your health on the back burner because you are now on the other side of cancer. Doctor appointments are time consuming, and take out of your day; I get it. But it is not an option. Try not to get lazy on your health. I always say YOU COME FIRST. There are so many things that you won't be able to do, if you don't take care of you. If you have something else health wise going on, you know better than others that early detection is key. You also know that the more weeks that go by can potentially change the diagnosis. So to avoid any additional mishaps and follow the doctors orders.

I have experienced, restricted movement in my arm and I have experienced weight gain, from prescribed maintenance medication and other reactions to medications. I have gone back and forth to the hospital many times for follow-up appointments. I would rather spend a hour in the doctors office, then spend time prepping for chemo. So I understand, how it feels. Some days it feels like it never ends, but on the other hand, I fought for my life, so I am glad that I can go to the doctor. My time is precious to me as I am sure you also have a new respect for time, so I try to plan many appointments on the same day if I can to get them out of the way, and not going back and forth. I would rather get up early and go to the first appointment, so I can get in and out. Do what works best for you and easiest for you.

Maintenance is your new normal. Be diligent and keep listening to your body.

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