The True Colors of Friendships

Reevaluate friendships. During any important time in your life it really does show the true colors of people. People will come and some will go. The important thing is to know that it does not matter how many supports you have or lack thereof - you have to do what you have to do for you.

If no one can take you or accompany you to the doctor’s office don't let that stop you. Call the social worker at your hospital and look to see if they have any alternate transportation programs or maybe you need to put down the ego and just ask for help from someone you would not ordinal my ask.

You will be surprised who comes through. Definitely during this journey you will see who has your back.

Your support team should consist of as many people as possible. What you don't want is for a few people to get burnt out along the journey. The more people that help the better it is for everyone. Your illness is yours not theirs - they too have a life.

Natural remedies may not work for everyone. Please consult your doctor prior to trying anything new.

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