Where's That Warm and Fuzzy Blanket

Keeping warm is important for a few reasons. Keeping warm is better for your blood circulation any numbness you might feel and to keep colds at bay. If you are feeling cold throw on one of your stylish head scarfs, or one of your wigs if you want. You may also want to keep socks with grip on the bottom on while walking around the house (you can't afford to fall).

If you have hard surfaced floors it might be helpful if you wear the socks with the grippy stuff on the bottom. If you don't have any, the next time you are at the hospital ask your favorite nurse if she can give you a few pairs - the sock themselves are not really warm but you can wear them over your socks.

The best slippers are ones that have grip on the bottom, are lined, and come up over your ankles; but find a pair you love and thank us later. Grab a book and curl up with a warm blanket and comfy socks.

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